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We’re doing a giveaway for kids AND adults that starts today (May 3, 2017), WOO-HOO! Get your supplies out, design some wearable art, and enter as many times as you’d like for a chance to win a Picture This Clothing t-shirt or dress (we’re giving away one of each)! No purchase necessary.


  • Print a free template from our site
    t-shirt templates (Adult and Youth sizes XS — XXXL)
    dress templates (Youth sizes 2–18 only)
  • Design the heck out of it however you’d like — go crazy and have fun with it!
  • Take a great picture of the page with your smartphone (pic tips here!)
  • Post it to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag: #ptcMayGiveaway before midnight on Friday, May 12th PST

That’s it! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

We’ll draw one entry at random LIVE on Saturday, May 13th at 2pm PST via Facebook Live event on our Facebook page, so tune in then to see if you’ve won!
Spread the word across the land!

We can’t wait to see what you create! Happy designing!


We’ve made a site update that will reject PDF files moving forward.
Please, please don’t use a scanned PDF and change the file name to JPG.

The reason for this change is that for every 100 scanned images we receive, 99 have to be sent back because the bright light from the scanner has erased areas of the artwork, or has changed colors of the artwork (aka: blown out the artwork). Scanned images are no bueno.
We recommend using a JPG or PNG image taken with a smartphone or a good digital camera.
Smartphones will by default take a high resolution image, so we recommend using the image directly from the smartphone, not a compressed version of it.

We LOVE making this stuff and we genuinely want to give you our best work. Help us by sending the best possible version of your artist’s artwork. <3

Thank you!

The Team at Picture This Clothing

We get a good handful of questions about what sizes we carry, and how they fit (and if they might fit adults). While our dress sizes are very in line with average US department store sizes, we know it can still be pretty tricky. Hopefully this will help you in your size selection decision-making! 😉


Howdy friends!

We sent out a holiday newsletter in December to our email subscribers that included some updates and a recap of 2016. Since we’re getting lots of new visitors on a daily basis and not everyone was on the email list, it seemed like a good time to make a public post about a few things looking back, and looking ahead!


Picture This Clothing launched on August 17, 2016 as a proof-of-concept, introduced to the world through a single Tweet from my personal Twitter account. In our first two weeks we were covered by TechCrunch, Disney’s, Huffington Post, ScaryMommy, Bored Panda and a host more huge media outlets around the world, which was scary and exciting all at once!

Across the few months since our launch we’ve appeared on CNN/HLN’s Michaela, Fox News in Texas and California, and on Harry Connick Jr’s show, HARRY. There’ve been three waves of viral video shared globally via Now This, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls and Did You Know, wracking up more than 32 million views. We were even shared on the Facebook pages of well-known personalities Ashton Kutcher and George Takei. Not to mention what may be the most important thing to us, hundreds of our customers shared their own photos and videos of smiling designers wearing their amazing creations.

It’s been a humbling whirlwind and we could not be more honored to get such a positive start in the world. We’ve grown both by learning fast and by bringing some incredible team members aboard, we’ve messed some things up, had to extend shipping times, recovered the best we can from the back-slides, and have kept moving forward.

We’ve put a lot of focus on improving our processes, and making sure our customer service is on-point while managing the order volume to the best of our ability. Much of our emphasis in December was about getting our turn-around times down and I’m super happy to say we’ve got them back to a 30-days to ship time window. In most instances we’re getting stuff out much sooner, but it feels like major progress from the 55-60 day expectation we were working with since late October.


We have some exciting stuff on the horizon that we’ll be sharing as it unfolds throughout the year. One of the biggest things we’ll be excited to share in the next couple months is the release of youth T-SHIRTS! T-shirts are infinitely more complex to create with their sleeve and collar bits, and with our small team focusing on existing orders it’s taken a bit longer than we’d hoped. We’re so very close now and are very eager for such an exciting release.

We’re excited about the future of Picture This Clothing and we are so grateful for all the community support you all have shown us. We hope you’ll continue spreading the word and sharing your experiences with us if you like what we’re doing here.

Love, Gratitude, and Imagination. <3

Jaimee Newberry
Co-Founder, Picture This Clothing

Where do you start? What’s involved? How do you get your kid’s imagination in wearable fashion form?

Step 1: Start at Picture This Clothing.

Print your preferred size of Picture This Clothing Dress or T-shirt template.


Step 2: Gather Art Supplies

We show only crayons here, but you can really get creative with this template. We’ve had customers use candy, paint, chalk, markers, buttons, guitar picks, paper, stickers, foods, photographs, their own hands, and more. Your imagination is the limit – get crazy! Anything you can place on top of the template and photograph, we can put on your dress.


Step 3: Let Your Kid Unleash Imagination All Over It…

(Ok, kids started school today, I had no kid models.)
P.S., Want to use existing artwork? Read this.


STEP 4: Take a Good Photo of the Finished Art. Here are a Few Tips:
(watch short video about taking a good photo)

Step 4 — Tip 1: 
Find a well-lit area. Don’t be afraid to get up good and close. We find that going outside works pretty well, too if it’s a sunny day where you are.


Step 4 — Tip 2:
Frame it up so the paper fills your camera view screen. All the way to the edges!


Step 4 — Tip 3:
Be mindful of your angle / perspective. Your template is literally a miniature version of your shirt or dress pattern, the more squared-up you are, the more accurately your art is going to translate onto the final product.


Step 4 — Tip 4:
Don’t go too far away, or get too fancy with your perspective. These ones, unfortunately, we have to bug you for re-takes.


Step 4 — Tip #5:
If it’s super wrinkly (cuz’… kids), flatten it out the best you can. The wrinkles print, too. And sometimes they translate more like dirty bits on the garment. Sometimes they translate into really cool dimension-giving texture!
Aim for as much even color/lighting as you can. The whiter the whites of your paper, the better!


Step 4 — Tip#6:
Beware the hand shadow! Sometimes when you’re trying to get up close on something and get a good photo, your hand casts a shadow right on top of what you’re photoing. 🙁
Unless you love it and want it printed on your dress, no shadows.


Once you’ve got your super nice photo of your AMAZING dress or shirt design, upload it on our site. Give us approximately 30 days to get this hot ticket dropped into the mail for you, and you’ll have the most unique, custom printed, cut and sewn article of clothing you’ve ever rocked!

Note: The dress from this post hasn’t been printed yet, I did this whole thing to share some tips for making the best possible version of your very own dress from Picture This Clothing. ❤

STEP 1: Gather Materials

Materials needed:

  • Printed dress or t-shirt template in size of your choice from
  • Existing kid-art of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Smartphone to take photo (not pictured, because I used it to take photos)


Step 2: Cut the inside out of the template outline



Step 3: Position the “hollowed” template over the artwork to get it just right


Step 4: Get a nice, close up shot using your smartphone


Step 5: Upload that amazing design at so we can print, cut, sew and ship it to you, ready to wear!

One Winter break not long ago, I made a dress for my daughter Zia, based off of a drawing she had done. Zia loved it and it has since been a big hit with everyone that’s seen it, and could often be quoted saying, “I’m wearing my imagination!”

Zia’s original drawing (left) and Zia wearing the one we made (right). This was what sparked the idea NOT HOW PICTURE THIS MAKES DRESSES HAPPEN. Please read on.

Due to the positive response and requests from Zia’s friends and classmates to also ‘wear their imagination’, friends Ken (@kenfinney), Igi (@menodesign), Stephan (@stephanschier) and I chatted about how to turn this concept into something where kids everywhere could have fun with hands-on drawing and coloring, and then see their imaginative artwork come to life in wearable fashion form.

We looked into creating custom sewn dresses like Zia’s original on a mass scale, but among other issues it turned out it would be really expensive and time consuming to try to pattern and recreate custom dresses in the same way. Zia’s original dress as pictured above cost +$72 in fabric and 12+ hours of time for me to pattern and sew. In short — expensive!
We wanted something that could be accessible to a lot kids, of a broad spectrum of social and economic status, and also be an easily scalable business model. So with a little more brainstorming we came up with our concept for Picture This Clothing.

We’ve created a simple, printable coloring book style template, where kids can doodle, stick stickers, paste pictures, and do any other kind of fun hands-on creative arts and crafts things they can dream up. Parents take a photo of the artwork (easiest with a smartphone), place the order from our site, and we send back a custom cut-and-sewn article of clothing.

Zia the Vampire-Cat designing many dresses



The idea was born! This is designed specifically for kids, and one of its uniquenesses is it promotes a fun non-digital hands-on activity — it’s a great activity for parties and play-dates! We transform kids drawings to a real custom cut-and-sew dress (t-shirts coming soon!) resulting in the kid’s very own coloring page brought to life. They can literally wear their imagination!